Automated Accounts Payable / Invoice Processing

OASIS is a proven “end to end” supplier invoice processing service.  It provides online electronic access to thousands of invoices and credit notes.  Users can then view and approve or reject the invoices that they are responsible for.

OASIS processes both paper invoices and also incoming electronic invoices sent by fax or scanned and emailed to eCloud.  OASIS also accepts and processes EDI invoices.

When the scanning and data extraction has been completed, the invoices are uploaded automatically into OASIS for online authorisation and payment.

Users can access OASIS easily via a secure sign on and password over the internet.  This enables them to access OASIS even when they are not in the office.



Business Problem Solved:

OASIS eliminates all of the following business problems:

  1.    Manual data entry of invoice data
  2.    Loss of paper invoices during the approval process
  3.    Lack of visibility of all invoices being processed throughout the        organization
  4.    Requirement for AP staff to maintain manual and onerous logs of    incoming invoices and where they have been sent to
  5.    Manual tracing of invoice locations in response to supplier queries
  6.    Creates an audit log record (system generated and non-editable) of  all invoices processed
  7.    OASIS users can be intercompany and can include external    users/authorisers as well
  8.    Users can access their invoices from anywhere (including from    home), provided they have access to the internet
  9.    Approved and processed invoices are stored in the OASIS Archive  Vault for ongoing access to processed records.

OASIS Services:

End-to-end process

All invoices arrive via:

  1.    A designated PO Box in Auckland or Wellington (paper)
  2.    Fax
  3.    Email (using a dedicated OASIS email address)
  4.    Courier delivery of paper copies
  5.    Uploading directly into an OASIS online folder
  6.    Scanned copies sent via multi-function photocopiers

Paper invoices are sorted, miscellaneous items retrieved to be returned to our customers and invoices are scanned.

All invoices have their data extracted and then the invoices are uploaded automatically into OASIS.

Any associated Purchase Orders are also uploaded and a user can see both the invoice and the purchase order data for ease of processing.

Invoices enter the OASIS workflow – each Level 1 user automatically sees all unprocessed invoices allocated for their approval, when the users log on.   

Invoices can be split across multiple cost centres, and across multiple GL account codes.  Each of the line items from the invoice can be individually approved (or rejected) for payment.

Invoices can be pre-approved based on a combination of invoice value / supplier name / cost centre.

Approved invoices are automatically uploaded into the OASIS Archive Vault once their status changes to ready to export, to ensure that the current facility only contains invoices waiting to be processed.  At this stage, the data file is produced for uploading into the Accounts Payable module in your financial system.