Our software solutions will transform the efficiency of your organisation the accuracy of your data the access to your information the enjoyment of your teams the satisfaction of your customers the ease of doing business

e-Invoicing as mandated for Government agencies

Key features
– Peppol International Certification achieved
– Improves accuracy, efficiency and productivity
– Software configured for each client
– Easy and fast connection to your accounts payable system

Key problems solved
– Meet the March 2022 enablement date
– Ensures payment deadlines are met
– Removes data inaccuracy risks
– Significantly reduces cost of invoice processing

Intelligent Inbound Email Automation

Key features
– Easily manages all emails including attachments
– Presents communications in actionable form
– Integrates with your business rules
– Software configuration using a proven, trusted system

Key problems solved
– Effectively manage increasing inbound email volumes
– Process and respond to emails fast and accurately
– Reduce complexity of processing emails and
their attachments
– Emails automatically registered into your document management system

Invoice/Accounts Payable Digitisation

Key features
– Delivers 99% accuracy across all extracted invoice data
– Automates 95% of invoice processing tasks
– Reduces processing time by 80%
– Intelligent, accurate software
– configured for your business

Key problems solved
– Improved productivity of accounts team
– Fast online location of all invoices being approved
– Gives you confidence in your financial data
– Eliminates discrepancies between PO’s and invoices

Solutions For

Business Automation Delivered

eCloud Business Services (eCloud)

Solve process automation and digitalisation challenges with ease. Choose an accurate, secure and seamless solution.

eCloud Business Services (eCloud) helps organisations make better use of their staff and information resources, and assists them to become paper independent. 

  • Are process inefficiencies and data inaccuracies weighing your team down?
  • Are you under pressure to improve outcomes while reducing costs?
  • Are you looking for an easy solution that’s proven and robust?

Get the best solution for your needs, with a team of dedicated professionals supporting you. Talk to our team today.

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Our Solutions

What's your challenge? Let's solve it!

Get the very best digitalisation solutions for your organisation, and a dedicated team of experts working in your best interest. Make it easy on your team with seamless integration to your existing systems, without the need to learn a new one.

Our solutions vary from digitising paper files to a fully automated digital service with integration to your core systems.

Automate Accounts Payable Processing

If you can describe your workflow, we can replicate it electronically. Get all the checks and balances you need for accurate, secure invoice processing.

  • Have complete faith in your data
  • Pay invoices on time, confident they are correct
  • Automate over 95% of invoice processing tasks
  • Reduce invoice processing time by 80%
  • Easily reconcile supplier statements
  • Integrates with all accounts payable systems

Automate Email Processing

Is your team overwhelmed by increased volumes of emails? Are you concerned about data accuracy and process inefficiencies? Get intelligent mail automation.

  • Automate 100s of incoming mail types
  • Significantly improve data accuracy
  • Get a reliable search index across all systems
  • Reduce processing costs by 70%*
  • Reduce processing times by 90%*
  • No need to set up templates
  • No need to learn another system client

Scan and Digitise Paper Files

Thinking of going paperless? Perhaps you’ve already made the move, but it’s not working for you? Not all digitalisation systems are the same. With us you can:

  • Digitise 10,000s of files in weeks
  • Get an end-to-end solution that’s quick, easy to deploy and tailored to you
  • Gain fast access to accurate, complete information
  • Eliminate duplicate handling & processing tasks
  • Automate business rules and workflows

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  • Comprehensive and compliant end-to-end service
  • Clear and measurable ROI 
  • Preferred by large private sector and government organisations across New Zealand and Australia

Get the benefits of automating business processes and going paperless, with the very best features and a solution that’s 100% tailored to you.

Partner with a team of proven experts who take care of everything for you.

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